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Woodumix - WUM # 01-05 - Green Network Store UK
Wooden Floor Lamp WUM # 01-05
Wooden Floor Lamp WUM # 01-05
Wooden Floor Lamp WUM # 01-05
Wooden Floor Lamp WUM # 01-05

Wooden Floor Lamp WUM # 01-05

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Handmade wooden floor lamp designed and produced by WUM. Parts made of oak, steel and aluminium. Lampshade made by a local Danish cabinet maker.

Standard colours: Black, white.

WUM's manifesto on conscientious production
Sustainability is part of our DNA. For us, it is not only about developing new cutting-edge design products. We are in favour of a sustainable process from start to finish and linking it to social responsibility. We call it conscientious production. This means that we have the ambition that our products should be the result of a wide range of considerations and choices that reflect sustainability environmentally, climatically, socially, ethically, and aesthetically.
Within design and interior, the range of sustainable products is relatively limited. However, we have the ambition to lead by example. We believe that it is possible to do things in a more conscientious way, but it requires the whole production chain to work towards the same goal. Therefore, it is not just about us as designers having a vision of conscientious production. It must be shared by partners and subcontractors.
Conscientious production is also about finding the optimal solution to the given conditions here and now, but at the same time looking for improvement. From WUM's point of view, we are constantly working towards solutions that can further enhance the sustainability profile of the products. This is done in dialogue with partners and subcontractors.
Local production in Denmark
Lamps from WUM are produced in Denmark. Basically, this means best possible working and production conditions, including collective wages, high safety levels, healthy working environment, and compliance with the world's toughest environmental regulations for industrial production. In our view, this is both fair and ethically correct.
Local production supports our community. At the same time, the environmental impact of transport is minimised. Production in Denmark provides a great deal of flexibility, and can be largely adapted to demand. At the same time, it is possible to offer tailor-made solutions with product adaptation according to the customer's needs. However, the big challenge is to ensure that the products also become competitive on price.
Materials used and production processes
With the choice of coloured metal and wood as the main components, these are exceptionally durable materials. Steel is the most recycled material in the world. Old steel can become new steel again without compromising quality. Steel is also a magnetic material, which makes scrap sorting quite efficient. The energy needed to convert steel scrap is much less than for any other comparable material. This also applies to first-time production. All wood used are of Danish or German origin all PEFC-certified.
Powder coating is what makes the steel parts so colourful. A very environmentally friendly and durable form of painting. Unlike conventional wet paints, the powder contains no organic solvents. Powder coating of a workpiece is carried out with electrostatically charged powder, which is heated to 180 – 200 degrees. It all takes place in a state-of-the-art installation
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