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Silistra - Grapefruit Soap
Silistra - Grapefruit Soap

Silistra - Grapefruit Soap

Little Danube LTD
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Silistra is a refreshingly sweet and invigorating soap that releases the vibrant scent of grapefruit tones, recreating feelings of joy and playfulness. Grapefruit essential oil is believed to be effective in treating clogged pores, acne and oily skin in helping it smoothing and provides a refreshing sensation when applied to the skin.
After a cloudy day, a single breath of these oils will transform your day into a summer solstice that you once experienced, reviving loved memories in the sun. Relax and enjoy the feeling of it zingy scent on your skin.
This pink sorbet soap is usable as a body, hand & face wash, however, due to the essential oils, please take care to keep out of eyes.

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