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Organic Large Hemp Wick Candle (Gift Boxed)

Organic Large Hemp Wick Candle (Gift Boxed)

The Good Zest Company
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A beautiful large 4 wick organic candle that makes a very special gift.  Every candle comes in a premium gift box with a FREE plantable seed card - so you can watch your love grow!

The perfect hand-poured candle for someone (like us!) who is concerned about the amount of artificial chemicals used on products - our wax blend has been certified as Organic by the soil association, giving you confidence in the air you breathe.  

  • Free from artifical colours and scents
  • Certified organic wax blend
  • Organic hemp wicks - a perfect eco option to traditional wicks
  • Blood Orange Essential oil (7%) and Orange Zest
  • Luxury Gift Box
  • Aroma is subtle as we do not (and never will!) use synthetic fragrances


We add a hint of organic essential Blood orange oil & pure Orange Zest to our largest candle to harness the aromatherapy benefits.  

Blood orange is a premium essential oil that is richer than sweet orange and used to lift your mood. A natural oil to promote natural happiness!  

Allergens:Contains: Citral, Geraniol, Linalool, Limonene (naturally occurring in essential oils). May cause an allergic reaction.   

*Candles are vegetarian and not vegan due to a limited amount of organic (sustainable & traceable) beeswax used in our certified organic wax blend.

*Candles are made with organic natural essential oils so may smell more subtle as we do not use synthetic fragrances

*Do not use when the wax reaches less than 1cm in depth

*Do not leave a room with an unattended candle

*The first burn should be 3 to 4 hours

*Burn time is approx 20 hrs     


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