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Homiu Reusable Ice Pop/Popsicle Moulds (Pack of 6) DIY, Lid and Base - BPA Free

Homiu Reusable Ice Pop/Popsicle Moulds (Pack of 6) DIY, Lid and Base - BPA Free

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Create your Own The ideal way to ensure that there's never any leftover ice lollies no one wants, you can use this to mix flavours and create popsicles just how everyone likes them. Kid-Approved Easy to hold and made to their exact requirements, these are a sure-fire way to keep little ones constantly happy. Safe Perfect for using in the dishwasher, these are also eco-friendly and BPA free. Super Easy Non-stick and easy to clean, these popsicles aren't just easy to make, but easy to remove and clean too. Mess-Free and Space Saving With a drip tray to catch any overspill, and with it all nicely tidied away into your freezer, you won't have to worry about mess or losing too much freezer space. banner pop Whatever You Want Children love ice lollies, and there’s nothing worse than when the sun is shining and there’s none in the freezer. But with these moulds, you’ll be able to create your own at any time, perfect for keeping everyone happy. Because of this, you’ll be able to create your own flavours and even experiment and make your own creations. Try adding some frozen fruit for something extra magical. These make your own moulds will also ensure there are no flavours left over, or any disagreements over who gets what flavours, as you can make the right amount for all. Completely dishwasher safe, these easy to clean moulds can be used time and time again to create the ultimate icy treats for the whole family. popsicle Additional Benefits · Approximately 15 x 14 x 17cm · Weight approximately 180g · Includes six moulds · Easy to Clean · Non-stick · Dishwasher Safe · Includes drip tray - Material plastic

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