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Homiu Copper Rabbit Wine Opener Set

Homiu Copper Rabbit Wine Opener Set

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  • Professional Bringing a high standard, you'll be able to wow guests with restaurant quality accessories at your dinner parties.
  • Elegant Style Featuring an on-trend copper finish, this is an accessory that'll hold its own in the style stakes too.
  • Easy to Use You won't need to be a professional to get into your bottles, as this open can pull any cork in just three seconds.
  • All Use It doesn't matter what you're drinking either, as you'll be able to open any bottle regardless of size or cork type.
  • Easy Storage As well as being free-standing, the opener also comes with handy magnetic storage box.

Simple Style

Although the opener comes with a magnetic box for simple storage, this free-standing piece was made to be displayed at all times.

Supper sleek, the combination of on-trend copper, coupled with the timeless black, means it’ll add a certain wow factor to the centre of any dinner table.

Easy to Use

There’ll be no more trouble getting those corks out anymore, meaning everyone at the party will have a nice glass or red or white in no time.

Featuring a foil cutter to help you remove the paper around the bottle top, you’ll then have to raise the long handle, centre the top of the screw on the cork, hold the bottle top tight with the two short handles, force down the long handle so the screw can be inserted into the cork, and then raise the long handle to remove it.

Quick and easy, you’ll have that cork out in three second with ease.

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