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Glamorous Eyes Makeup Brush Set

Glamorous Eyes Makeup Brush Set

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Whether it's smoky eyes, the perfect cut crease or a classic daytime look you want to achieve, the 5-Piece Flawless Glamorous Eyes Makeup Brush Set will leave you looking fabulous!

This Professional Makeup Brush Set Includes:
Hard Angled Brush, Angled Blending Brush, Diffusing Brush, THE Blending Brush and Small Flat Brush.

Define and Line: Create brows to die for or easily achieve perfectly winged eyeliner with the cleverly designed Hard Angled Brush.

Shade: Use the Angled Blending brush in the crease of the eyelid for ultimate definition or to delicately blend out eyeshadows.

Smudge: Soften eyeliner for a smokey eye effect or apply colour on the inner corner of the eye with the Diffusing Brush.

Blend: Use THE Blending Brush to effortlessly blend concealer around and under the eye area for an even complexion.

Paint: The versatile small flat brush is ideal for applying powders, minerals or creams. Use for eyeshadow, concealers, detailed contouring or on lips.

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