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Facial Clay Mask
Facial Clay Mask
Facial Clay Mask
Facial Clay Mask
Facial Clay Mask

Facial Clay Mask

Purple Marble UK
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Oatmeal & Chamomile Nourishing Facial Clay Mask

Nourishing & Hydrating Facial Clay Mask. combines the calming and anti-inflammatory benefits of chamomile and honey powder(vegan substitute) with moisturizing hemp-seed oil and soothing oatmeal to hydrate and nourish dry or irritated skin.


Glow Facial Clay Mask with Vitamin C & Turmeric

Combines the age-fighting benefits of Orange peel (vitamin c powder), fresh turmeric roots, and Kaolin clay. helps gently cleanse, brighten the skin, and improve circulation leaving it healthy & glowing.


Rose Clay & Hibiscus Revive Facial Clay Mask

Made with combination of rosehip oil, hibiscus extract and rose kaolin clay to help rejuvenate dead skin cells, smooth wrinkles, tighten skin pores and improve skin tone.



Activated Charcoal & Sea Clay Clarifying Facial Clay Mask 

Combines the oil-absorbing properties of sea clay and the detoxifying properties of activated charcoal, along with the antibacterial and anti-inflammatory properties of Kaolin clay to unclog pores by drawing dirt leaving the skin clear and hydrated.


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