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You can help the planet

Everyone's voice is important. Sustainable change needs sustainable players.
We would like you to become with us, one of the main players of this change!

10 tips on how to become a GreenAmbassador
of our values and help the surrounding environment.
For us NOW, for future generations TOMORROW.

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  • 1° ADVICE

    Shift to eco-friendly alternatives

    Most Brits state they are keen to change their behaviour to become more sustainable. You would like to change your habits too, but you believe that this Green shift is difficult to achieve?

    Start from the little things. Choose eco-friendly alternatives. Every product has at least one Green alternative. Start by buying products with low environmental impact, made ethically, with natural raw materials and recyclable.

  • 2° ADVICE

    Use cold water to wash some of your clothes and dry your clothes.

    This will save energy and money. If each of us used only cold water to wash our clothes, we would reduce our environmental footprint by 160 kg every year. Think about it, we could save another half a ton. Wash your clothes at lower temperatures and dry them outside! They will be smell much better, the fibres of their fabrics will damage less, and you will protect the environment.

  • 3° ADVICE

    Use only LED bulbs

    A LED bulb is the equivalent of an average of 30 ordinary bulbs. It lasts 7 years instead of 5 and, given the same Lumen, it is 90 % more efficient than the incandescent one, allowing you to save money. As a plus, they reduce the eye-strain.

    By switching all your lights to the LED ones you will make a big step towards the “Green Transformation”!

  • 4° ADVICE

    Do not use detergents with bleach

    Detergents contain phosphate, chemicals with a strong bleaching power.However, more than 160 tons of phosphate have been discharged into waters of rivers, lakes and seas. An enormous problem that will worsen over time if we do not find a less aggressive alternative for the environment.

    There are several things that you can do to wash your clothes in a Greenway: use lemon juice to wash your dishes, Marseille soap flakes in place of detergents to which you can add one or two teaspoons of baking soda. And did you know that vinegar is a natural softener?

  • 5° ADVICE

    “NO” to standby mode, and keep the energy the energy consumptions under control.

    The stand-by mode of the electrical household equipment is a waste of energy that is incredibly common: it accounts for around £ 55 million of the global consumption and it has an impact of around £ 70 per year on our bills.In addition, the energy which is so needlessly wasted represents also a great damage considering the carbon emissions that could be avoided.

    Avoiding to leave our electrical household equipment in stand-by mode isa practice that everyone should adopt. For example, you can buy an adaptor with interrupter and switch off all of them. If instead you want to keep track of what you are consuming, you can always buy energy meters.

  • 6° ADVICE

    Use electric mobility

    You might not know that a petrol car consumes in a year around 1000 kg of carbon dioxide. A total of 100 trees would be needed to absorb such a great quantity. Unfortunately, there are not enough trees, and solutions are to be found. One solution can be the electric micro-mobility: electric scooters and bicycles allow you to move in comfort and respecting the environment. By deciding to invest now on the electric, you can reap many fiscal benefits… It seems that the time to take this decision has come!

  • 7° ADVICE

    Avoid disposable products

    Each year 400 tons of plastic are generated, (only) 20% of which is recycled after use. The rest of it ends up polluting our seas. The use of disposable plastics needs to be stopped, the point of no return is close: you should find sustainable alternative to plastic

  • 8° ADVICE

    Use a coffee pot or choose compostable coffee capsules

    In the last years more and more coffee producers have followed the trend of the capsules, but who pays the consequences is always the environment. Every year in the world the capsules generate around 120 tons of waste, almost always not recyclable. Then, a smart tip is the one of returning to the old coffeepot. If we cannot use the coffee pot then we can choose the compostable capsules.

  • 9° ADVICE

    The water must not be wasted

    Avoiding water waste is everyone’s responsibility: water is the water that originates life on our planet! We really need to do little things: turnoff the tap when you wash your teeth and set the thermostat with a temperature that is similar to the one outside. When you buy something keep in mind that, for example, to produce a pair of jeans, around 7600 litres of water are wasted. In Green Network Store you will find several ethical alternatives that are good for yourself and the environment.

  • 10° ADVICE

    Sort out the recycling!

    Everyone produces around 1.25 kg of waste everyday, around 456 kg every year. Therefore, differentiate the trash is very important to recycle the most products possible!